1. Are there age restrictions for WordCamp?

No, anyone is welcome to come and learn with us.

2. What is the cancellation policy?

If you are now unable to attend, you can transfer your ticket or ask for a refund. Please note, purchases past 90 days cannot be refunded.

3. I’d like to sponsor, but the packages are too much for me, can I sponsor for a different amount?

We have an individual sponsorship that you can purchase and can be found on the ticket page.

4. I want to help out, can I volunteer?

Of course! We will open up the call for volunteers in early March. Be sure you are signed up on our email list.

5. I’ve already registered, how do I get my photo to show up on the attendee page?

The attendee page hooks into a service called Gravatar. Your photo is associated with whatever email you registered with. If you don’t have a Gravatar account, we strongly encourage you to make one. Many sites online use this service to grab your photo for you.

6. I don’t want my information on the attendee page, how do I remove it?

Please contact us about the issue, and we will take it down promptly.