Call for Volunteers – We Need You

Together We Can!

WordCamp Jacksonville is coming up soon and we are looking for some awesome individuals, willing to give just a few hours to help make Jacksonville’s inaugural year the best one out there! We have a range of needs and time frames and would love to add you to the team.

Don’t Worry – You’ll Get to Enjoy the Camp

Your volunteer commitment will not take away from your time enjoying the fun and soaking in the great stuff the camp has to offer. Just a few hours are requested and we have a wide range of volunteer opportunities to fit your experience and personality.

Want to know more about what you’d actually be doing? Check out the list below to see some examples of the volunteer opportunities we have:

Registration Volunteers

Arrive an hour early and help us get the camp going. You’ll be helping at the registration tables with such things like: checking off registrations, handing out nametags, getting folks their t-shirts, providing the swag, saying “Welcome!” with your best early morning smile.

Setup and Tear Down Teams

We’ve got tables, we’ve got signs, we’ve got boxes, we’ve got equipment and more stuff! We need help getting everything in place before hand and tearing it back down afterwards.

Help Table

Where’s the next session? What time is lunch? Can I register late? Does this shirt make me look fat? Whatever questions our attendees have, we need helpful volunteers to man the table and help direct them to answers. (That shirt? Yes. Yes it does.)

Happiness Bar/WP Help Desk Support

You know a thing or two about WordPress! Why not spend some time giving back and helping those coming along behind you. We need people of all levels in the WordPress community to hang out in the Happiness Bar and help answer How-To questions from other attendees.

Room Moderator and A/V Support

Help us keep the equipment running smoothly in all our breakout sessions rooms. Keep an eye on things in the room that might need attention (ex: more chairs, spilled coffee, etc.) Work with the video people, speakers, and everyone else working in the room to keep things running smoothly and on time!

Speaker Host

We’ve got some amazing speakers lined up for all our sessions. Let’s treat them right! Help us get them in the right spot at the right time. You’ll be communicating with them a few minutes before their session, helping them with their equipment if needed, providing a bottle of water, and making sure they have what they need. Read their short bio by way of introduction and be their timekeeper to help the sessions run on time.

Food and Beverage

Help with setup and cleanup of the food areas. You know we’re gonna have coffee and snacks, right? Help us make sure things stay stocked and the area clean. We also need help setting up and tearing down lunch.

All-Hands-on-Deck Help

Whether its help running messages, covering last minute details, or just answering questions, we need volunteers, ready and willing to help wherever needed!

Sign Up to Volunteer

We are only looking for two things in our volunteers: Reliability and Friendliness. Easy, right? Use the form below to let us know you are interested and our Volunteer Coordinator will get back in touch with you.

Your exact duties will be explained closer to the event – but if something listed here sounds especially interesting to you, please let us know on the form. We want the right people in the right spots!

We want this WordCamp to be for the community, by the community. For this to happen, we need you. Please consider joining the Volunteer Team.