It’s all about the shirt!

What would a WordCamp be without a shirt? Still awesome, but maybe a bit disappointing. But even with a shirt it can be disappointing to try it on and discover it doesn’t fit.

Well, I’m here to (hopefully) save you from an ill-fitting shirt.

We will be using BELLA+CANVAS triblend shirts. They have been featured at many WordCamps and are very popular. There will be both a men’s cut and a women’s cut shirt available.

T-shirt models - man and woman

Note: We have not actually chosen a final t-shirt color.

For the men’s cut we have the Unisex Triblend Short Sleeve Tee. You can see more detailed dimensions here. Please note that some men find the chest to be a little snug (although not nearly so tight as an American Apparel Track Shirt). If you prefer a more loose-fitting shirt, you might consider ordering the next size up.

For the women’s cut we have the Women’s Relaxed Jersey Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee. Again, you can check out more detailed dimensions here. Sadly, like most women’s shirt manufacturers, they expect the wearer to be a twig. So even though this shirt is “relaxed” you won’t find it to be baggy, although it shouldn’t be skin-hugging either. If you have a larger bust size or prefer a looser-style shirt, you may consider ordering the next size up.

If you have already registered and think you might need a different shirt size, you can edit your registration details by following the link in your confirmation email.