Need a Topic?

Have you been considering applying to speak at WordCamp Jacksonville, but still don’t know what to speak about?

Never fear! We asked our local MeetUp Community what topics they are most interested in and we have some topic ideas.

  • Accessibility
  • Analytics
  • Best plugins to use
  • Design critiques
  • Design mistakes
  • Online marketing
  • Real world experience
  • Rest API
  • Security talk
  • Video and WordPress

If you have any other topic suggestions, please share them in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Need a Topic?

  1. Holy Buckets!!!!
    Real World Experience. If you are planning on coming to a WordCamp you have logged into a WordPress. YOU HAVE REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE!
    Congratulations, you have met all qualifications to submit an application.

    Here’s some stuff I want to hear about (and I’m a polite listener):
    * How to update an OLD WordPress safely (I’m literally working on one running 3.5.1! I can’t even…2013???)
    * Plugins…the cause and solution to all of life’s problems.
    * What’s your workflow?
    * A list of common mistakes!
    * How ________ changed your life. (Design tool, Development tool, hosting tool…whatevs)
    * Alternative sources for problem solving
    * A history of WordPress
    * Better practices (we all know the best practices)
    * BuddyPress V. Facebook (why build your own Social)
    * How accessibility, low-bandwidth, i18n can co-exist with javascript-deeply
    * javascript – the shallow end

    Please apply to speak, I’m dying to learn something from you.

  2. Someone come to @WordCampJax and do “JavaScript: the shallow end” bring me a snorkel or floaties…

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